What is a Home Inventory?         

A Home Inventory is a prepared list which includes detailed descriptions and photographs of the personal property located in and around your home.

Why is having Home Inventory documentation so important?

There are several benefits of having a professionally prepared Home Inventory:

  1. Provides an undisputable Third Party permanent record of the contents of your home and their value to verify ownership in case of loss.
  2. Provides an accurate accounting of items which are missing or destroyed following a burglary or other calamity.
  3. Provides undisputable identification by Model and Serial Number for theft-prone items.
  4. Provides indication of having adequate insurance coverage.
  5. Provides accurate estate-planning data.

What if I never complete a Home Inventory?

You’re not alone.  Many simply do not have time or the patience to do an inventory of their personal property let alone keep it up to date.  Our service professionally documents your personal property quickly, conveniently and affordably.  Providing you with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll receive the maximum settlement for your loss in the shortest amount of time while minimizing the disruption to your life.

Without a completed Home Inventory, be prepared to accept the consequences.  If you have a loss and no inventory, the insurance claims adjuster is forced to rely on receipts, invoices, cancelled checks, credit card slips, tax records, etc.  All of which may be difficult to reproduce especially after a fire. 

If proof of ownership cannot be produced you are likely to receive a lower settlement payment from your Insurance Company – one that will not be enough to replace your belongings.  It’s YOUR responsibility to have a completed home inventory ready.  Your Insurance Agent will not check to see if you have a completed Home Inventory until you have a loss to report.

Can you afford NOT to have a Home Inventory?

How does your service help me determine adequate insurance coverage?

We’ll assist you with a quick review of your insurance policy for the amount ant type of coverage it provides on personal and household goods.  The review will prevent any disappointment with the settlement amount you receive from your Insurance Company when a loss occurs.  With the home inventory documentation we provide which details both the actual market value and the replacement value of your personal property; you’ll be able to discuss and adjust your coverage with your Insurance Agent.

What will I receive?

We provide a complete Home Inventory Report in an attractive portfolio which details all of the personal property in and around your home.  In addition, you will receive a customized software application with your Property and Home Inventory information which you can access on your computer (Windows and/or Mac) and an Estate Organizer which will enable you to detail all your financial information.

The Home Inventory Reports provide:

  • Total Value of your personal property – both Replacement Value AND Actual Value.
  • Detailed Photographs of your home.
  • Your Insurance Company and Agent contact information.
  • Your Insurance coverage information.
  • Total Value of your property by category.
  • Total Value of your property by location.
  • Accurate descriptions of your possessions, individual replacement and actual values provided during the inventory and multiple detailed photographs of individual items.
  • Historical or background information on each item as provided during the inventory.
  • Warranty information and Heir designations.

The Customized Software provides:

  • All of the information listed in the Home Inventory Reports above, PLUS:
  • Scanned Receipts or Appraisals for individual items.
  • the ability to view and/or print full sized item images.
  • A video of your property both inside and out which details architectural details of your home, landscaping, additions, etc.
  • Scans of your important documents complete with document description and it’s permanent storage location.

The software allows you to search and sort so you can quickly access any information about your possessions.  You will also be able to reprint any of the Home Inventory Reports, view and print individual items, photos, receipts or appraisals, view videos, and view and print copies of your important documents.

The Estate Organizer may be completed at your leisure.  It provides the all of the information about your estate that you, your family members or your financial adviser will need.

How long does the service take?

The time to complete your home inventory depends on the size of your home, the amount of personal property you own and if you have a special collection requiring documentation, allow roughly an hour for every 1000 square feet of space inventoried.

What about items in storage?  Do I need to unpack them?

Yes, if you would like to have the items in storage included in your home inventory.  Please unpack and have the items ready to inventory prior to your appointment time.  This will speed up the process and save you money.  Part of the billing for the service is based on time.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my appointment?

We will work with you to schedule a time for your home inventory that best suits your schedule.  Most appointments can be made within two weeks.  Generally, we schedule appointments during normal business hours on Monday through Friday.  However, we will work with you if you need an appointment after normal work hours or need a weekend appointment.

Do I need to be present while you are doing our home inventory?

Yes, we ask that you make yourself available while we are working in your home.  Every item documented will need to have some basic and detailed questions answered that only you will be able to answer.

Do you move furniture?

No, we do not move furniture.  We will collect model and serial numbers from televisions, computers, stereo equipment, etc where they are easily accessible without moving your furniture and disrupting your home.  We can take the model and serial numbers directly from your owners manuals that were included with the item when you purchased it if they are readily available.  If not, we will photograph and document the item in place.

Do you inventory everything? Even clothing?

We do inventory just about everything.  There are however some exceptions on certain items that do not need to be inventoried.  In some instances a quick picture is all that is needed to document an item or a group of items.  To preserve your privacy, we do not open boxes, drawers or closets.  The home inventory we create is for you and you decide what is included or excluded.  We can only advise you on what should be included.

How long does it take to receive the completed home inventory?

We will deliver your completed home inventory in less than one week.  It will be assembled in an attractive portfolio for your safe keeping.  We do keep a copy secured as a backup.  The portfolio will include your home inventory in a printed format including photo documentation and a CD for viewing on your computer.  We also include an estate organizer for you to complete at your leisure.

Now that you have your completed home inventory, keeping it up to date will be fast and easy.  We will schedule periodic updates, usually on an annual basis, to make adjustments for new items you have acquired.